A Briga 1985

After doing some time in jail, René has finally said goodbye to his criminal past. But when his son is mortally ill and in desperate need of expensive medical help, René can't refuse the ...

All Titles
  • FR: La baston La baston
  • GR: Agria symmoria Agria symmoria
  • HU: Leszámolás Leszámolás
  • FR: Verraten und verkauft Verraten und verkauft
Directed by Jean-Claude Missiaen show all movies of Jean-Claude Missiaen
Artists Annick Alane
as Yvonne Levasseur (as Annik Alane)
Lucas Belvaux
as Jeanjean Levasseur
Bernie Bonvoisin
as Le chanteur de Trust
Release date 07 Aug 1985
Genre Crime Drama
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