Amor Eterno 1929

In the Swiss Alps of the early 19th century, a couple forced into loveless marriages struggle to find happiness with one another.

All Titles
  • US: Eternal Love Eternal Love
  • AT: Der König der Bernina Der König der Bernina
  • AT: Die Lawine Die Lawine
  • DK: Lavinen Lavinen
  • FR: L'abîme L'abîme
  • FR: L'abîme L'abîme
  • DE: Der König der Bernina Der König der Bernina
  • GR: Aionia agapi Aionia agapi
  • GR: To telos tis kas Cheney To telos tis kas Cheney
  • HU: Örök szerelem Örök szerelem
  • IT: La valanga La valanga
  • PL: Wieczna milosc Wieczna milosc
  • US: Вечная любовь Вечная любовь
  • ES: Amor eterno Amor eterno
  • SE: Edelweiss Edelweiss
  • TR: Uçurum Uçurum
  • US: King of the Mountains King of the Mountains
Directed by Ernst Lubitsch show all movies of Ernst Lubitsch
Artists John Barrymore
as Marcus Paltran
Hobart Bosworth
as Rev. Tass
Camilla Horn
as Ciglia
Release date 11 May 1929
Genre Drama Romance
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