Anjos Sem Asas 1948

McGrath publishes books for children and Uncle Bump is one of the best sellers. Unfortunately, Greg, who is Uncle Bump, tends to drink too much and has not started his next book. Martha won...

All Titles
  • Anjo Sem Asas
  • US: The Bride Goes Wild The Bride Goes Wild
  • DK: Bruden går amok Bruden går amok
  • FI: Morsian villiintyy Morsian villiintyy
  • FR: La mariée est folle La mariée est folle
  • GR: I mnisti agrievei I mnisti agrievei
  • IT: La sposa ribelle La sposa ribelle
  • PT: A Noiva Perdeu a Cabeça A Noiva Perdeu a Cabeça
  • SE: Åh, vilken brud! Åh, vilken brud!
  • US: Virtuous Virtuous
Directed by Norman Taurog
Artists Hume Cronyn
as John McGrath
Hank Mann
as Wedding Guest
Release date 03 Mar 1948
Genre Comedy Romance
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