Guerra dos Sexos 1997

A bride's divorced parents find their old feelings for each other during the wedding reception and over the course of the next few days upsetting the newlywed's honeymoon.

All Titles
  • US: That Old Feeling That Old Feeling
  • AR: Aquel viejo sentimiento Aquel viejo sentimiento
  • BG: Това познато чувство Това познато чувство
  • CA: Quand l'amour renaît Quand l'amour renaît
  • DK: That Old Feeling That Old Feeling
  • FI: Janottaako vanha suola? Janottaako vanha suola?
  • FI: Tuo vanha, tuttu tunne Tuo vanha, tuttu tunne
  • FR: C'est ça l'amour? C'est ça l'amour?
  • DE: Noch einmal mit Gefühl Noch einmal mit Gefühl
  • GR: Enas axehastos erotas Enas axehastos erotas
  • HU: Öri-hari Öri-hari
  • IT: Questo pazzo sentimento Questo pazzo sentimento
  • PT: Unidos pelo Divórcio Unidos pelo Divórcio
  • RU: Это старое чувство Это старое чувство
  • ES: Ese loco sentimiento Ese loco sentimiento
  • UA: Колишнi почуття Колишнi почуття
Directed by Carl Reiner
Artists Bette Midler
as Lilly Leonard
Dennis Farina
as Dan De Mora
Danny Nucci
as Joey Donna
Release date 04 Apr 1997
Genre Comedy Romance
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