Tempo de Crescer 2009

A washed-up writer forms an unlikely friendship with a teenager from Long Island.

All Titles
  • US: Paper Man Paper Man
  • BG: Хартиеният човек Хартиеният човек
  • DE: Paper Man - Zeit erwachsen zu werden Paper Man - Zeit erwachsen zu werden
  • GR: Kata fantasian iroas... Kata fantasian iroas...
  • GR: Κατά Φαντασίαν Ηρωας Κατά Φαντασίαν Ηρωας
  • HU: Ryan Reynolds, a képzelt szuperhős Ryan Reynolds, a képzelt szuperhős
  • PL: Papierowy bohater Papierowy bohater
  • PT: Tempo de Crescer Tempo de Crescer
  • RO: Paper Man Paper Man
  • RU: Бумажный человек Бумажный человек
  • SI: Papirnati moz Papirnati moz
  • UA: Unlikely Hero Unlikely Hero
Directed by Kieran Mulroney Michele Mulroney
Artists Kieran Culkin
as Christopher
Jeff Daniels
as Richard Dunn
Lisa Kudrow
as Claire Dunn
Release date 01 May 2014
Genre Comedy Drama
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