Tudo Ficará Bem 2010

A writer-director known for becoming obsessed with his own stories, Jacob Falk stumbles upon photographs of prisoners of war being tortured by Danish soldiers. Suspecting a political ...

All Titles
  • DK: Alting bliver godt igen Alting bliver godt igen
  • FI: Kaikki järjestyy Kaikki järjestyy
  • FI: Allt blir bra igen Allt blir bra igen
  • FR: Everything will be fine Everything will be fine
  • GR: Ola tha pane kala Ola tha pane kala
  • HU: Minden rendben lesz Minden rendben lesz
  • PL: Wszystko bedzie dobrze Wszystko bedzie dobrze
  • RO: Totul va fi bine Totul va fi bine
  • ES: Todo irá bien Todo irá bien
  • SE: Everything Will Be Fine Everything Will Be Fine
  • TR: Her Sey Güzel Olacak Her Sey Güzel Olacak
  • DK: Everything Will be Fine Everything Will be Fine
Directed by Christoffer Boe
Artists Jens Albinus
as Jacob Falk
Rasmus Botoft
as Mads Larsen
Nicolas Bro
as Håkon
Release date 28 Jan 2010
Genre Drama Thriller
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